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de Maria, de Mariana, de Madalena

 "de Maria, de Mariana, de Madalena…" was a project conceived by CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur for the fifth edition of  All My Independent Women which, more than an exhibition that occurs irregularly across Portugal, is a platform for feminist thinking. While most projects were on display in Coimbra at Casa da Esquina, between May 21st and June 18th of 2010, others found their place elsewhere in the city. Our project took form in the virtual environment of Second Life in Delicatessen Sim. 

2010's edition of AMIW revolved around the collective reading of the book "Novas Cartas Portuguesas" by Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta and Maria Velho da Costa, first published in 1972 and banned by the dictatorship that lingered in Portugal until April 25th of 1974, a mark in the history of feminism in our country.
To experience this journey through our imagination, we invite our guests to embody themselves as a woman.
To make this possible, three avatars were created and made freely available as fruits of the big tree.
Machinima and snapshots from Second Life.

  "de Maria, de Mariana, de Madalena…" was a 3D environment created by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu in Second Life's Delicatessen Sim.

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