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Isolation was a virtual installation done in the Spring of 2020.
Apparently it was four building installation, however there was a ditch is intentionaly disguised in the blackness of the floor. It was very hard climb out. It was also intentional to be very, very hard to get to the buildings and impossible to dwell inside them.
It is not very usual for me to do this kind of art, that leaves the viewer powerless. Usually I do participatory artworks, were I don't even think of viewers, but of creative participants. This time I did something different... 
Shelter in place was our way of trying to stop Covid19.
I live in an apartment building, the first thing I missed during lockdown was the nature outside - trees, birds, and such.
Meanwhile I start understanding how uneven is shelter in place, not all people have the same conditions, some don't even have a shelter, some need to continue to take crowded bus, work without basic conditions. And others lost their income and because of lockdown.
Don't get me wrong, I was not against shelter in place, I was just seeing what was happening... 

Virtual Installation