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Kromosomer was a project initiated in 2012 by Heidi Dahlsveen, a storytelling performance that interacted with digital, virtual and social media, using characters from Norwegian legends as a motto to raise questions on alterety: the “other”, the not normal, the one that looks "different", which we want to distance ourselves from. The abject, something outside the subject and object, prior to the subconscious, something primitive that has not yet manifested itself symbolically. 

CapCat Tagu and Meilo Minotaur were invited to create the avatars and virtual installations for this project. The avatars were created, based on characters from Norwegian legends; they formed the basis for new stories, mainly mediated through pictures which were used on a blog, where readers were challenged to create new stories. These stories were then passed on, either through social media or orally narrated in the performance. Participants were also instigated to record pictures and machinimas. Many of the participants/produsers’ interpretations were later used in the physical performance, some assembled into a video that was projected on the walls, others printed to form part of an installation.

 In this project we freed ourselves from space and time, working with what arises in creative meetings between concepts such as legends and metaverse, professional artists and amateurs, different disciplines, different interpretations, ultimately achieving a poetic function. Kromosomer generated a completely different way of working within artistic production, one in which the frontiers between artist and public are blurred, thus revealing new parameters and consequently new possibilities.


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