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Meta_Body II

Having the Meta_Body project avatars as a starting point, SL residents were invited to share their derivative avatars, using any of the parts of the Meta_Body project avatars, parts built by the users and/or parts built by other developers, since their specified license allowed redistribution with full permissions. All avatars had to be provided with full permissions, meaning that they had to be copyable, shareable and open for transformation.

22 creators built 26 new avatars, from well-known metaverse artists and designers to absolute new residents, trying SL and avatar building for the first time. These avatars are now being distributed at Delicatessen. For that purpose Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu built four virtual installations, in homage to the avatars and their creators. Takio Ra was invited to make a sound intervention. All the sounds used in these soundscapes are also being shared with the residents with full permissions.