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Tell Me a Story

"Tell me a story" was an installation in Second Life by Meilo Minotaur (Sameiro Oliveira Martins) that calls for the participation of the visitors.

Contrary to what is usual, in which the image helps to illustrate a story, Meilo Minotaur asked Second Life users to tell a story that linked the various scenes of her digital 3D installation.

Users responded with pictures, videos and written stories. 

We presented at this tangible exhibition some of that content — the conceptions of a creative public, able to appropriate the work of art as art flow in an age of creative distribution.

You could listen to the stories in the headphones, each story is associated with a color. In the wall you could see several pictures of the virtual installation, threads of color course through the pictures, linking them to the verbal stories.

Everything can be connected, anything can become something else. The illustration can become the illustrated or the other way around.

Everything opens to a new creation.

From May 4th to 28th July 2019 at CRUgaleria, Porto, Portugal.




Virtual environments and avatars

Meilo Minotaur






CapCat Ragu

Eila Magnolia

Guerreira Xue

Leo Kobeshimi

TZinnia Karu




Rita Eustáquio



Sound Edition

Luís Eustáquio




Deborah Lombardo

Dodo Ahanu

Eila Magnolia

Georgina Hannay

Kaia Beattie

Kato Salyut

Kate Bergdorf

Loony Perl

Midwinter's Art

Moon Parker

Olympe Rhode

Tutsy Navarathna


Machinimas (at the opening)


Meilo Minotaur

Serendipity Dyrssen

Tizzy Canucci